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Therapeutic Life Story Work

What is Life Story Work?

Life Story Work provides children and young people with a comprehensive process of discovery, exploration and understanding of their history. It is essential that a child or young person is able to understand their lives and the various twists and turns that have led them to be living within a care environment.

Stepping Stones does not feel it is adequate for us to provide a Life Story Book that a child or young person has not had the opportunity to explore or to challenge. The approach to this work is therefore led by the child and young person who is encouraged to work through a chronological life map, which incorporates their life events and relationships. It is through this process that a child or young person is able to seek clarification of life events and to contribute their own memories and challenge their thoughts, hopes, nightmares and cover stories.

We do not tell children and young people about their lives but help them process the information they hold within themselves, as well as the information we have gained through access to Social Service files and interviews with members of the child’s or young persons birth family or previous Carers.

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