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Stepping Stones can undertake assessments in a range of areas including:

  • Core Assessments
  • Parenting Assessments
  • Assessments of Looked After Children
  • Assessments of Children and Young People who Display Sexually Harmful/Concerning Behaviour.

Assessment informs decision making, planning and interventions, which in turn results in more positive outcomes for children and families.

Core Assessments

These assessments are undertaken by Social Workers in accordance with The Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and Their Families (D.O.H, 2000)

Parenting Assessments

These assessments address the child’s developmental needs and the parent’s capacity to meet these needs within the home environment.

Assessments of Looked After Children

These assessments are undertaken by a therapist to ensure that good quality baseline information is available to the referring agency regarding the child’s development and therapeutic needs. The assessment process is intended to be a therapeutic intervention in itself. The report is a reflection of the therapeutic work and its findings. The assessment will make clear recommendations about the child’s therapeutic needs within the context of their placement. Research would suggest that early therapeutic intervention could prevent multiple placement breakdown and address issues which threaten the stability of the placement.

Assessments of Children and Young People whom display sexually concerning/harmful behaviours

These assessments involve exploring a myriad of factors which influence a child or young person’s sexual and relational behaviour. The assessment includes exploring the individual’s social and peer relationships, sexual knowledge, attitudes and beliefs, abusive experiences, victim and offender issues, and cognitive and emotional development. These assessments are carried out by experienced and qualified therapists using a variety of creative techniques.

Protective Parenting Assessments and Programmes

These assessments and programmes of work involve exploring and developing strategies and behaviours which enable parents and guardians to provide safe caring and nurturing environments.

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